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Leonard Cohen - Go No More A-Roving


lovely to see this used in The Trip to Italy <3

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I had to go crazy to love you 
Had to let everything fall 
Had to be people I hated 
Had to be no one at all 

I’m tired of choosing desire 
I’ve been saved by a blessed fatigue 
The gates of commitment unwired 
And nobody trying to leave

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"The vessel of yesterday’s slaughter" — Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen in an interview with Allan Jones:

Before I go, I ask him to sign my copy of his novel Beautiful Losers. He takes the book and looks at it, as if he hasn’t seen one in a while, notices a passage I’ve underlined and reads it aloud.

“‘How can I begin anything new with all of yesterday inside me…how can I exist as the vessel of yesterday’s slaughter?’ Not bad,” he laughs. “I wonder,” he smiles, returning the book and walking me to the door, “who I was when I wrote that.”

From “Leonard Cohen — London, June 1974” by Allan Jones, Uncut, January 24, 2012 (orginally published in June 1974).

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The same useless thoughts arise
but no one claims them —
Loneliness seizes the frame
and shakes away hope
but no one is hopeless
no one is lonely —
The intricate preparations
for the next moment
direct you
to read this now —
Surrendered to the One
who placed me here
I sit at the very table
where these songs began
some forty years ago —
busy as a bee
in the solitude

- Hydra, 1999

Kitchen Table by Leonard Cohen, Book of Longing
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"This is it
I’m not coming after you
I’m not going to lie down for half an hour
This is it
I’m not going down
on your memory
I’m not rubbing my face in it any more
I’m going to yawn
I’m going to stretch
I’m going to put a knitting needle
up my nose
and poke out my brain
I don’t want to love you
for the rest of my life
I want your skin
to fall off my skin
I want my clamp
to release your clamp
I don’t want to live
with this tongue hanging out
and another filthy song
in the place
of my baseball bat
This is it
I’m going to sleep now darling
Don’t try to stop me
I’m going to sleep
I’ll have a smooth face
and I’m going to drool
I’ll be asleep
whether you love me or not
This is it
The New World Order
of wrinkles and bad breath
It’s not going to be
like it was before
eating you
with my eyes closed
hoping you won’t get up
and go away
It’s going to be something else
Something worse
Something sillier
Something like this
only shorter"
This Is It, from Book Of Longing by Leonard Cohen (via growingtumors)

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I have not lingered in European monasteries
and discovered among the tall grasses tombs of knights
who fell as beautifully as their ballads tell;
I have not parted the grasses
or purposefully left them thatched.

I have not released my mind to wander and wait
in those great distances
between the snowy mountains and the fishermen,
like a moon,
or a shell beneath the moving water.

I have not held my breath
so that I might hear the breathing of God,
or tamed my heartbeat with an exercise,
or starved for visions.
Although I have watched him often
I have not become the heron,
leaving my body on the shore,
and I have not become the luminous trout,
leaving my body in the air.

I have not worshiped wounds and relics
or combs of iron,
or bodies wrapped and burnt in scrolls.

I have not been unhappy for ten thousand years.
During the day I laugh and during the night I sleep.
My favourite cooks prepare my meals,
my body cleans and repairs itself,
and all my work goes well.

I Have Not Lingered In European Monasteries - Leonard Cohen
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I have two bars of soap,
the fragrance of almond,
one for you and one for me.
Draw the bath,
we will wash each other.

I have no money,
I murdered the pharmacist.

And here’s a jar of oil,
just like in the Bible.
Lie in my arms,
I’ll make your flesh glisten.

I have no money,
I murdered the perfumer.

Look through the window
at the shops and people.
Tell me what you desire,
you’ll have it by the hour.

I have no money.
I have no money.

I Have Two Bars of Soap - Leonard Cohen
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I did not know
how simple you are
how generous
I tried to capture you
with rhymes
and erotic

Even now
you yawn
in my heart
bored and alone
rubbing ointments
all over your body
and touching yourself
while I tarry

Even Now by Leonard Cohen, Book of Longing
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better than me
are you
kinder than me
are you
sweeter smarter faster
you you you
prettier than me
stronger than me
lonelier than me

I want to get
to know you
better and better

Better - Leonard Cohen (Book of Longing (via thishatterismad)

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"You can’t use your past as an alibi," says Leonard Cohen


Leonard Cohen interviewed by Christian Fevret:

On this day I have already lived longer than my father. He died at the age of 52. For myself, at 52, I feel that I don’t know anything. When men are young, they don’t forgive. The world is very competitive. As you grow older, you forgive your rivals, your children and everyone else. The closer you get to the end of the race, the more generous you are with the other runners. My father and I would be very close today…oh it would have been difficult for him to see me walking around Montreal with a guitar. That wasn’t what he had in mind for his son. But he was a gentleman. He left me a few of his books of poetry. Most of them had never been read or even opened but he had them. But I don’t think those things were very influential in my life. I don’t think about my childhood much. I don’t think that it’s a legitimate explanation of one’s life. I think that in order to survive one must be reborn, one must overcome one’s childhood, the injustices, and recognize the privileges. You can’t use your past as an alibi. In the Orient they say “to awaken”. The Christians say “to be reborn”. Whatever the metaphor, I think there comes a moment when we must do it if we want to survive, have self-respect, and take advantage of our new circumstances that we have not yet even touched. The people who die are those who refuse to recognize their new life circumstance and continue to use the old one as an excuse for their shame or laziness. Of course one learns strategies and techniques of survival as a child and I’m not saying one must throw away all they have acquired. But I think there comes a time when the old strategies stop working and life crumbles. New circumstances appear.

From “Comme Un Guerrier,” by Christian Fevret, Les Inrockuptibles. Translated by Sophie Miller for Throat Culture magazine, 1992.

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Just take this longing from my tongue
All the useless things my hands have done
Let me see your beauty broken down
Like you would do for one you love

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"My page was too white
My ink was too thin
The day wouldn’t write
What the night pencilled in."
Leonard Cohen, “The Book of Longing” (via fuckyeahmrleonardcohen)

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Leonard Cohen on the Irredeemable Situation


Leonard Cohen in an interview with Mikal Gilmore:

“People are lonely,” he commented then, “and their attempts at love, in whatever terms they’ve made those attempts, they’ve failed.  And so people don’t want to get ripped off again; they get defensive and hard and cunning and suspicious.  And of course they can never fall in love under those circumstances.  By falling in love, I mean just to be able to surrender, for a moment, your particular point of view, the trance of your own subjectivity, and to accommodate someone else.”  He paused.  “The situation between men and women,” he declared, “is irredeemable.”  He paused again, then laughed.  “Drunk,” he chortled.  “Drunk again.”

From “Brother of Mercy” by Mikal Gilmore, Spin, March 2002. 


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